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Focus on

The Priorities

The following priorities are just the tip of the iceberg of what I plan to accomplish while serving District 1. These issues represent what I think we need to focus on to better Arkansas for all. 



Arkansas Agriculture

Farmers are the heart of District 1 and need our support. There is no safe bet in farming and our farmers must find that balance between the good years and the bad. When our farmers aren't successful, no one winds. I support our farmers in the good years and the bad and believe the state should too. 


Vocational Education

Not everyone needs a four year degree from a university. Schools should put a focus on vocational training and vocational programs after graduation. I believe that the state should offer more resources to schools for this type of education. 



Public School Funding

Public funding should be supporting our public schools. Our students and teachers need our support in and out of the classroom. By insuring that public funds do support their local communities and education, there is a chance to build the community to grow and thrive. 



We need to make sure that cities and counties along with the Arkansas Department of Transportation have funding and support for roads, water, and waste water. The need for broadband internet is absolutely necessary for Arkansas and its progress. 



Preschool Education

It should not cost an entire salary to send children to daycare or preschool. Parents should be able to provide a safe place for their children while at work that nourishes and cares for their future. I believe this should be free or at a reduced costs based on income to parents throughout the state. 

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